zaterdag 7 januari 2017

Rediscovering Engobe - Ceramics

 Rediscovering engobes...

Sinds we finally are setteling in our stidio in Utrcht we are finding some time for
experimenting again with all kind of ceramic technics.
This is a blog over this strat with engobes.
We made 4 batches to start with and made the clay slibs from dry stoneware clays.
Ocker yellow, black/very dark brown, dark grey/brown and a batch of our cool grey clay.

First we dried the smaller clay pieces, then soak them in water, sieve for a lovely smooth clay slib.
Yes a bit of work has to be done.... what's new in ceramics ;) - we made extra so next time hopefully we can start right away...
We tried a few different technics to get the engobe on the creations and on these 4 pictures you see
the application on fresh thrown objects using fingers, brush and slib trailor......


And we did some dots... and had fun!!
Now we are going to wait on some of the glazed results before we continu with the engobes.
And in our classes in Utrecht we will apply them ofcourse


Lots of clay fun :)

- Suus -

vrijdag 14 augustus 2015

The Blues part 2

espresso cups.
These were created in our new delfs blue and fresh turquoise glaze. And we loved it and went on 
with  these blue colors....
A few steady products from our "Stone & Color" series we have glazed in these colors.
Strange because i'm a real green freak - but love to make a blue moment in my life once a while :)



And that beautiful blue.... i have no clue ;) comes in a lot of shades. From steel blue to classic blues like delfs or cobalt blue. Here are two examples of our new blue products.
(Pictures are link to our shop).

bakkie_pleur_blauw_pallette   delfsblauw schalen setje 
Ohhh we do not want to forget our turquoise cafe cups without ears - a super basic shape - from the    "Stone & Color" collectie.

Blue belongs to thursdays.... that's typical it is thursdaynight when i wright this blog :)


Blue is the color nobility and stands for creativity and a happy career.


In magic blue is a healing color for the soul and stands for wisdom, trust, hope, inner peace, 
strength, idealism and fairness.


This information about blue comes from here ...
And if you like our bluesssssssss click here to go to the blue products in our webshop.

- Suus -

donderdag 21 mei 2015

5,5 months of Superrrr "Vink"

Oh yes i think untill the day i die the time will fly......
So here are some pictures of 5,5 month young "Vink" :)

Makes me smile big time!!!! :) :) :)

zaterdag 28 februari 2015


Ok here comes some sweetness...
Our new family member Vink a White & (Chocolate) brown :) border collie. 10 weeks young and a lively character...
In the first few days we went sitting in the sun and yes lots of crocus flowers because spring is around the corner.....a big smile on my face!!
 Sleeping beauty ;)
A sleeping border collie pup with tong out of mouth
 Socialising with other pups..... a bit shy but liking it a lot.
a brown white border colly pup in a grass field with flowers

And i think there will be more about "Vink" because she is very adventurous....