zaterdag 14 april 2012

Recycled stoneware lace cup - Ceramic in action - new upload!

This picture was send to me...
Great one of my recycled lace cups in action - oh la la cappuccino.

recycled lace cup - handbuild from slabs of stoneware clay
Thank you Bruni - highly appriciated!!

This picture is uploaded to the collection "Ceramics in action" in my online shop.
Ceramic in action

Trimming art :) - Ceramics

Ohhhh i love to make these....
Jip getting a bit older :) - and trying out some photoshop thingies.

The poloroid template i have gotten from Fuzzimo and the lovely flowers are made by Puglypixel.
I will put these links in my link bar on the right!
Brighten up your blog :)

A color palette created thanks to - Puglypixel

Stone & Color collection color palette
This is so lovely - i stumbled on a great website Puglypixel {Katrina} and she learns you a lot about all kind of goodies for your blog, website and photoshop gadgets like this color palette above.
Even for me with only a tiny bit of experience well to do...
Of course i tried it out the ceramic way ;)

vrijdag 13 april 2012


If you need to see some happy faces, smiles and a some love...

smiling faces

Ceramic technics - Bowl edges!!

Last wednesday on the SKVR - the students were really creative with there edges!!
Here are just two of the nice rims/edges made that evening.

Do you have experimented with edges of your work?

donderdag 12 april 2012

Pastel colors - i'm so into them!!

pastel colors - i'm in love with them!!

I'm so into pastel colors at the moment.
Love the sweetness and spring summer vibe they give.
Also in my ceramic works and i'll will be showing soon on the blog, online shop & etc.
Keep checking :)

Ceramics in action - Chinese dutch cup....

Here is a picture of a cup i have made in action.
Always nice when costumers send you there pictures.
And it is fun to see the made ceramics and pottery you made with love
are used with that same feeling.

Ceramic in  action - Chinese dutch cup with flower decals

And if you have some ceramics or jewelry from Noot & Zo.
Please send me some pictures of them in action.
I have some more examples to see and i hope the collection will grow :)

Celadon collection on Pinterest....

One of my favorite colors - Celadon greens.
And i made a pinboard all about it on Pinterest :)
Click here to take a look.

celadon nesting bowls by Pia Baastrup

woensdag 11 april 2012

Ceramic technics - Linoleum cutting - My first attempt :)

I have taken the ecourse of Diana Faith - Surfacing Spring 2012.
Was nice and my first ecourse.... going with the social media type of things :)

Unfortunatly time i did not really have - but bit by bit i'm trying out the technics that were in this course.
All farmiliar ones like Mishima, mono printing and linoleum cut use...
Love her work!!

Here is my first attempt with linoleum cuts....
I have used a artificial plastic kind of linoleum - that is more flexibel than the real thing.
You can use it in different ways but here i used to print on my ceramic {porcelain} slabs.

The cutting of little circles. Look out for your fingers!

Rubbing some underglazes on the linoleum

Here is my attempt on a bone dry porcelain cup!

And in mandarin orange with some carving.

Soon i will post some more pictures - i got smarter in the process ;)
With clearer details of my lino cuts!!
The first mugs will be bisc fired in a few days - looking forward to the end result.
Here some links in style of the post.

Happy claying :)

Blossom Spoons in the making!

Love to make spoons - in all kinds of styles.
I need a good mood for them and a gentle touch - because after making them i sponge them smooth.
If i have a not to good day the break so easy {onfired}......
But when they come out of the kiln glazed and well - ohhh love it!!

Here is one of the styles - my blossom spoons {in the making}.

Here you see the three parts that are needed...

...and here the cuties are made with a tiny blossom.

And hre they are finished - with a lovely lilac glaze!

maandag 9 april 2012

Digna Kosse - Plate of the week (14) - Ceramics

This week the chosen plate(s) are made by Digna Kosse...

Information about the collection: People are consuming more and more. all materials and resources we are using, are not in proportion to our own bodies, and our size in relation to the planet we are living on. for a long time, the human body has been the measure for many things, f.i. distances and weights. in this project, my body becomes a measure for consumption. I measured all parts of my body in volumes (litres)and these volumes I have captured in a series of tableware. on every bowl, cup and dish an engravement is placed, that says which part of the body and which volume fit into it.

'take, eat, this is my body which is broken for you'
1 Cor 11:23-26
Digna Kosse {Website}