dinsdag 3 april 2012

Colored porcelain.....

Colored porcelain - porcelain in colors!!

Wow - lot to find in al kinds of styles.
I enjoyed looking, browsing and finding them.
All ceramics below are made of colored porcelain, from soft pastels and earth tones to the bright primaire colors. Classic, modern, romatic, naturals you can shape it anyway you like - with knowledge ofcourse.
Because with porcelain you need some!
Made in molds with liquid porcelain.

Website of: Lenneke Wispelwey
Website of: Bart van Didden

Jay Wiese's work you see here is handtrown i believe and the picture bottom left - i don't know the artist.
Hope to find out - love the fragile look of the crimson red super eggshell thin porcelain and the picture is almost a painting - love it!!

Link to: Jay Wiese
Website of: Mud australia 
Website of: Foekje Fleur
Website of: Ditte Fischer

The next technic with clay - what will it be? - there are so many...
 I will find out browsing and experimenting and what comes on my path.
Hope you enjoy the collection!! :)

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  1. :) zo leuk, het vakmanschap en de liefde voor keramiek en porselein!
    Leuk om dat ook bij een ander terug te zien!
    Je porseleinen oorbellen zijn prachtig, dat wilde ik je nog zeggen!!!!!