zaterdag 7 januari 2017

Rediscovering Engobe - Ceramics

 Rediscovering engobes...

Sinds we finally are setteling in our stidio in Utrcht we are finding some time for
experimenting again with all kind of ceramic technics.
This is a blog over this strat with engobes.
We made 4 batches to start with and made the clay slibs from dry stoneware clays.
Ocker yellow, black/very dark brown, dark grey/brown and a batch of our cool grey clay.

First we dried the smaller clay pieces, then soak them in water, sieve for a lovely smooth clay slib.
Yes a bit of work has to be done.... what's new in ceramics ;) - we made extra so next time hopefully we can start right away...
We tried a few different technics to get the engobe on the creations and on these 4 pictures you see
the application on fresh thrown objects using fingers, brush and slib trailor......


And we did some dots... and had fun!!
Now we are going to wait on some of the glazed results before we continu with the engobes.
And in our classes in Utrecht we will apply them ofcourse


Lots of clay fun :)

- Suus -