zaterdag 7 april 2012

Vrolijk Pasen | Happy Eastern

To all a...

Emily Reason - Cup of the week (14) - Ceramics

Emily Reason's cup is the cup of week 14.

Love the way she makes the foor of each cup like playful flowers.

The work is fired to 2,345°F in a reduction atmosphere lending rich and varied color as well as rendering the wares strong and durable.

Wedding jewelry....

Yesterday the order was complete...
I have made a collection of porcelain jewelry as a wedding gift.
A gift for a mother, mother in law, friends and brides maids.

The porcelain discs were inprinted and stamped with lace.
And the special and loveliness about it - it was the lace of the brides wedding dress.
In classic color shemes i made different sizes necklaces and earrings.

The bride was really happy and i hope all the ladies will be too!!
Love to do this kind of costum orders - would you like to know more - please don't hesitate to ask me.

Available at Centrum Beeldende Kunst...

Just wanted to let you know that a collection of Stone & Color is available at the CBK.
They have the colors Cool grey Stone with yellow, orange and mint in stock.

In different sizes all without ears!!

CBK - art store.

vrijdag 6 april 2012

Herb sticks in Stone and Color Style - Pastels

Herb labels for thos fanatic planters and green fingers :)
A big batch is finished...and a lot more are coming.
Soon to be listed (hopefully within two weeks!) in the online shop and already
available in the shop at Zwaanshals 299.
Below you see the herbsticks in greenware - not even fired once.

With salie and laurier

And here you see the herbstick (labels) finished!!
$5,60 each - set of 4 $19,50
€4,-- per stuk - set van 4 €14,--

If you would like them sooner than listed in the online shop - just drop in by Noot & Zo.
Or send me an email with you request.

Happy eastern all - Suus :)

Fire in the hole!!

My kiln was on the top temperature (1260 degrees) - pitty it was day time...
Always love to see the looking hole fire orange!!


donderdag 5 april 2012

Pinch pots... all together now.

A student here is making a large collection of white natural pinch pots as an installation in a garden.
Also she was experimenting with other darker bodies stoneware clays.

Here is just a nice picture when i took a few of them out of the kiln and put in a big bowl!!

Clusterd pinch pots!

Pinch pots - different stoneware claybodies used and a lot of iron oxide.

Porcelain jewelry - NEW listed in the shop!

Aren't these the sweetest.
Just listed these cuties in the online shop.
Two loving owls on a branch with alittle heart.
The first two color shemes i just have listed in the online shop.
(You can click on the pictures to be linked there!)

These porcelain earrings are €21,90 ($30,30) a pair.

Black porcelain with white underglaze.

Porcelain with peach underglaze and gloss glaze.

woensdag 4 april 2012

Swanmarket - Editie #10 - Rotterdam - Noord

And yes time flies when you have fun!!
The Swanmarket is around the corner....edition #10.
We are also open this day - let the sun shine and everybody have fun.

 in het Rotabs Style Center

CBK - Voorbereidingen - De Geheime Tuin.

Lots of action yesterday - preparations for "De Geheime Tuin"
More of the program you will find on there site.
The shop of the CBK will be a lot bigger and with lovely designs.
After the opening i will post some more pictures!

- Hanging trees...

- The new shelving unit.

- Green, green grass :)

Centrum beeldende kunst
Nieuwe Binnenweg 75

dinsdag 3 april 2012

Colored porcelain.....

Colored porcelain - porcelain in colors!!

Wow - lot to find in al kinds of styles.
I enjoyed looking, browsing and finding them.
All ceramics below are made of colored porcelain, from soft pastels and earth tones to the bright primaire colors. Classic, modern, romatic, naturals you can shape it anyway you like - with knowledge ofcourse.
Because with porcelain you need some!
Made in molds with liquid porcelain.

Website of: Lenneke Wispelwey
Website of: Bart van Didden

Jay Wiese's work you see here is handtrown i believe and the picture bottom left - i don't know the artist.
Hope to find out - love the fragile look of the crimson red super eggshell thin porcelain and the picture is almost a painting - love it!!

Link to: Jay Wiese
Website of: Mud australia 
Website of: Foekje Fleur
Website of: Ditte Fischer

The next technic with clay - what will it be? - there are so many...
 I will find out browsing and experimenting and what comes on my path.
Hope you enjoy the collection!! :)

CBK - De Geheime Tuin.

For the duchies :)

Het Centrum Beeldende Kunst bestaat 30 jaar (sedert 2 Mei 1982).
En dit word uitbundig en bloeiend gevierd van 5 april t/m 3 juni 2012.
De opening is donderdag 5 april om 17:30

Pura Vida Interior - Ceramics

At Noot & Zo we have a very nice collection from Pura Vida Interior (Jos Noordergraaf).
Beautiful ceramic arts from artist from South and middle America.
Refind scraffitto technics.

Beautiful art of José Ortiz Bracamonte

It are the hands of a craftman José Ortiz, who tells us: clay is my friend, painting is my wife and music is my lover.

Het zijn de handen van de vakman José Ortiz, die ons vertelt: klei is mijn vriend, schilderkunst is mijn vrouw en muziek is mijn minnares.

And a nice video of the artist.

Also the lovely works of  Bismarck Ortiz 
Bismarck is the son of the international artist José Ortiz Bracamonte, who's work can been seen in the collection of Pura vida Interior. Also his mother, Angela Potosme is a ceramic artist.
Bismarck is de zoon van de internationaal bekende kunstenaar José Ortiz Bracamonte, wiens werk regelmatig door Pura Vida Interior wordt geëxposeerd. Ook zijn moeder, Angela Potosme, is keramiste.   

This and lots more incredible work and the stories behind the artist you can check out on the
Pura Vida Interior website - a joy to visit!!

maandag 2 april 2012

Espresso cups - Trends and text...

A little joke and try out....
Nowadays there is a trend going on that you see all kind of furniture with there name on it - as we don't know what they are...
A table is a table and a vase is a vase ;)

Here are three espresso cups - with three little sweet words - lief (sweet) - mooi (beautiful) - zacht (soft).
And they are rather sweet - say so myself...

And some detail pictures!!

And if you are interested i can make them with all kind of (sweet) words or names.
Have to costum make them but love to do this.
€11,-- per stuk
$15,20 each

It is really happening... Spring!!

Oh they are growing and growing - nice to see...
Really had the spring vibe this morning - hope for a bit more sunshine and we are good!

Test tiles and Sample - little samples!!

Finally she has started - making ceramic samples for her torso series......
We are looking for a soft color tone and with oxides.
Samples are so important - at least for me.
As a ceramic artist and teacher it is hard to get students to make them - but you learn so much about them!!

This little guy has to be fired again!!

zondag 1 april 2012

Cup of the week (13) - Ceramics - taketoshi ito

As i have said before - i know i'm not original with this but love to share beautiful cups :)

taketoshi ito, hand carved ceramic cup
Discovered trough: Pinterest

Tableware Color & Stone lilac and mint video

Hi there...yeh trying some things out overhere...
This is an little video i have shoot today of my Color & Stone collection - just to get a nice impression.
Had fun making it and i hope you will too looking at it :)
In this little movie you see my home mixed cool grey stoneware clay mixed with a minty and a lilac opaque glaze. Espresso cups with stripes and dots are samples that i have tried out and i like them so soon there will be more!!

Plate of the week (13)- Ceramic - Kristen Kieffer

Plate of the day, cup of the week - it is already going on - so i'm not really original with this.
But i also love to share ceramics, pottery & design of others.
So i decided any way to start with it :) - how more the marrier...

I love the works of Kristen Kieffer and i will start of with the first plate of the week with hers.
{Large serving plate Country French in Ice blue w. Sea foam green stripes}
10 1/4” diameter x 1 1/2”h
The clay and glazes are lead-free and food safe.

On her site you can also order her DVD - with lots of great decorating technics.

Spotlight!!....Vilt - Ineke Hekking - Rotabs Stylecenter

Ineke Hekking "Stielvilt" - has a lovely art shop in Rotabs Stylecenter (Zaagmolenkade 46 - Rotterdam).

Ineke -> My work mainly consists of three-dimensional objects of wool sometimes combined with silk and lace. All items are handmade.
The basis of the objects is uncolored wool from different sheep breeds with an occasional accent color. Each fleece has its own structure, wich is expressed in the felt. This will create unique objects over and over again.

Here some of her beautyful art work.

She also makes pillows with felt and traditional scottish tartan (schotse ruit).
Forgot tot take a picture of those - so you have to see them for yourself :)

Ineke is one of the lovely artist in Rotabs Stylecenter...
There are many more - also a very nice spot to have lunch and in the summer they have a nice terras.