donderdag 14 maart 2013

That lovely time of the year!!

I always get a very happy vibe when the ice salloon arround the corner
opens his door for the public......means it is icecream time and that is a
 fine indication that spring is coming soon.
And i'm reaaly in need of SPRING ;)

icecream shop doppio in rotterdam noord

Doppio in Rotterdam-Noord

maandag 11 maart 2013

Mint & Black

Love how some colors combine so well and compliment each other.
Today i have made a page in my online shop all about these two colors
Seperate and together...

mint and black collage

A side of the porcelain earrings the pictures in this collage are found on  Pinterest
and here is a pinboard to credit these lovely artists and designs....
And if you would like to see jewelry all about mint green and black here they are!!

zondag 10 maart 2013

Costum made Iron decals - Birth present!!

Costum home made iron decals as a sweet birth present for one of the students of the group.

Ohhh really liking the possibilities that you can have with home made iron decals.
These small dishes were handthrown in sweet colors and every student made
there own little design to put on the works...

From drwan with paint on the computer, handdrawn designs and more.

homemade iron decals for birth present

Just starting with these so i think in the future you will find a lot more on the blog...
Like this one:
My father is an discgolfer and artist and yes when you put these two together you gat some very beautiful discgolf arts....

Here i have put one of his designs on a solid color thin porcelain cup.

discgolf art by John notenboom - Noot

Here you can find some more works with iron decals on jewelry.