zaterdag 21 april 2012

Aventures of Tiny yellow bowl - A rainy day...

He had a bit of a rough start - discovering how small he is.
It is still not getting better.... today he looked at the sky and saw a rainy day coming.
And yes it was here in Rotterdam-Noord.

Hopefully tomorrow the sun will shine.....

Let the glazing begin - Ceramics - Mini dishes.

Yes - let the glazing begin....

glazed stoneware mini dishes - black white picture.

mini pottery bowls in piles
Piles of bics fired mini dishes.

Small bowls handthrown - all kinds of stoneware clay bodies

klaar om te glazuren - stapels kleine hand gedraaide schaaltjes van allerlei steengoed kleien.

We are nearing the end of the costum order.
Will be firing them soon - i'm curious how they will look and feel.
Soon i will present the final pieces...

vrijdag 20 april 2012

De Eendracht - the next step - Ready for the bisc fire.

And here is the design of the Pepper, salt & oil set i'm working on.
All the mini dishes and oval plates are sponged ready for the first (bisc fire).
Only a small collection is photographed  - more then 50 mini dishes and 15 plates!

greenware mini stoneware dishes

oil,salt and pepper set by Suus notenboom for Restaurant Eendracht.

Glazing will be the next step....

Porcelain BIG mugs - New - with red and blue lino cut dots.

Oh i'm happy the way these lovely big hand build porcelain mugs turned out.
I have been experimenting with linoleum cutting. And started out with an easy funky
design - Dots - one mug in red and the other in blue.
And and etching technic was applied.
Funky aren't they.
Because of the thin porcelain slabs they are not totally round in the top diameter.
But that gives each mug it own character - no two are the same!!

big porcelain hand build mugs with funky blue and red dots

translucent porcelain

And a bit translucent

big porcelain mug easy and gentle to hold

An easy holding mug!

porcelain gedecoreerd met stippen en rondjes

And some of those funky details...

And you can order these two in the online shop if you like.
Also have a pair in an other technic and more will follow - love to make these!! :)

donderdag 19 april 2012

Restaurant Eendracht - second order!!

No these are not ceramic shoe soles :)
But oval platters in leatherhard stage

oval plate

Fresh made clay shapes

These are oval platters of a new designed and handmade Pepper, Salt & Oil set.
The picture was taken when the slabs were just formed in there oval shape with rim.
This is a sneak preview :) - of the set...

stoneware oil, pepper and salt set - work in progress...

woensdag 18 april 2012

The adventures of Tiny yellow bowl.... introduction.

Here is a tiny introduction....of tiny yellow bowl.
Fresh from the kiln and ready!!
Tiny yellow bowl is made of yellow stoneware clay has a diameter of 3cm. {1 2/10"}
and is 1,5cm. {6/10"} high - so a tiny yellow guy!!

Here is tiny yellow bowl!!

Just a tiny project - and we will look where it goes :)
It starts out a bit difficult - almost to tiny to hold anything!!

Tiny yellow bowl with a tiny orange problem...

Tiny yellow bowl and strawberry  - nop!!

But better times will come.... stay tuned for more adventures of tiny yellow bowl :)

dinsdag 17 april 2012

Restaurant Eendracht - Costum order!!

It already has been a while...
I made a costum order for Restaurant "Eendracht" - 20 Recycled Noot bowls.
Loved making the order and when you see the beautiful food they are holding - finger licking good!!
Today they put a picture on facebook and i thought YES WOW SUPER.
So here is a bit more about them - from the hump of clay to the finished bowl.

Work in progress - ceramic hand thrown bowls

And here with a lovely food arrangement:
Smoked goatquark, cucumber gazpacho, citrus/green peperoil, borage, baked cucumber and a cucumber jummie.....

Costum made recycled stoneware bowls for Restaurant Eendracht
The bottom pictures are different shapes of the same kind of recycled bowl.
A new costum order came about - something to do with salt, pepper & oil....
To be continued :)

binnen bij restaurant eendracht
Website: Restaurant Eendracht

Spotlight!!....Real Deal - Willem van Dullemen - Rotabs Stylecenter

Looking for some Real Deal vintage fashion...
Fifties men's fashion Rockabilly & Western.
All together in one   unit.

Real Deal in het Rotabs Stylecenter
The unit Real Deal when you walk in...

Western blouse - Real Deal in het Rotabs.
Western style

Hoeden en accessoires - Real Deal

Nice funky shirts!!

Stay tuned for the next unit :)

Website: Real Deal

Color palette - Is it spring??

grey and yellow - grijs en geel

I love this color combo a lot - but today i felt a bit blue...
Spring is here but we experiance some night frost - bleghhh cold!!
Not a serious problem ofcouse - but it made me feel like making this mixed feeling collage.

grey and yellow color palette trough flickr pictures

And i happen to have a espresso cup in this color sheme :)

Porcelain shards - A samples for new work

These porcelain shards are made of broken cups - i made them and i was kind of clumsy :)
But ideal for some experiments with iron oxide on lino cut dots with some carving in between.
The mugs that survived i will show you soon.
They have to be fired - and they have some red, orange and caoblet blue dots.

maandag 16 april 2012

Recycled Noot - Buttons

And these i made a while back...
When i first starting to recycle my clay and glaze waste!!

recycled buttons made of stoneware and glaze waste

Porcelain BIG mugs - in dad's hands...

porcelain big handbuild mug - with subtle details
Will keep 300 ml. {almost 10 Fl. Oz. of your favorite bevarage}.
€24,95 each
$34,50 each

The new porcelain big {handbuild from slabs} porcelain mugs with ears...
As shown in the picture lovely to hold and with subtle details.
And they are slightly translucent!!

Porcelain BIG mugs - First pair!!

Handbuilding with porcelain - not an easy task!
But the first to big mugs are here.
Have made these from very white and different colored stoneware already.
But a porcelain serie is coming up.
Here is the first pair...

And when the other styles will be finished they will be listed in the online shop.
Kiln will be filled soon with them!! :)

zondag 15 april 2012

Recycled Noot - In the making - Oval plates

Instead of throwing for a couple of weeks intensly - some slab builded plates in a oval shape.
In two sizes.
The "Recycled Noot" is a tableware collection i make of recycled materials.
All my clay trimmings, glaze scraps, even what i sweep of my workspace ground & etc.
All is saved and i make my own recycled stoneware clays.
Every time it is a suprise what comes out of the kiln after the second fire!!

I love it - recycling and the look and feel about it.
These plates are greenware so they look more like cardboard then a ceramic plate.
When they are finished i will show them to you.....

Swammarket Nr. #10 - pictures

Swanmarket edition Nr. 10 was indeed lovely.
And it was a dry day - also in the shop it was busy all over.
Here a little impression of the market in The Rotabs

swanmarket 10

swanmarket 10 theemutsen

swanmarket 10 kussens

swanmarket Nr.10 gezelligheid

swanmarket 10 Branco

swanmarket 10 mooie vaasjes

The next Swanmarket will take place at:
Sunday 03 juni 2012
Time: 12:00-17:00
Rotabs Style Center (outside)
Zaagmolenkade 46, Rotterdam

XXL swanmarket 3 juni 2012

And on 15 juli 2012 the XXL Editie | Museumpark – Rotterdam
Noot & Zo will also be there - hope to see you there!!