zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Recycled Noot - Ceramics - Oval plate

A while back i have shown some Recycled Noot oval plates here - they were not yet fired.
Here it is fired and some more from this collection.

detail of an reclaimed recycled oval stoneware plate

Recycled Noot - Oval plate

Recycled noot - Steengoed collectie serviesgoed

This collection has a lace texture - i love the little suprises in this reclaimed and recycled stoneware is a bit more about the reclaiming and recycle cycle.
It has a natural and a bit rougher look than my other works.

donderdag 10 mei 2012

Fill em up babe!! - About a hundred times :)

Okee the molds are made for a sweet collection of organic shaped high fired porcelain translucent tableware.

Perfectly Imperfect!!
A plaster mold filled with porcelain casting slip.

And because i love to experiment - trying a few different porcelain casting slips.
Including one i made myself - to be continued....
The set includes a small cup, a little bigger one and a low and small high bowl.

woensdag 9 mei 2012

Me messy mold making.....

Ohhhh i don't this often but had an little order that involved mold making.
And what a mess i make when i make

This was part one - making the molds.
The first items will come from the kiln soon - to show.

making one part ceramic molds

Noot & Zo - Shop shot #1

shop shot - Noot & Zo
Just a snap shot of the shop!!

Procida Limone - Ceramics - Part #2

Right on scedule!!
We are a bit further than this - but time is so in my way at the moment......
They do really look like lemons - and BIG they are!!

big ceramic sicilian lemons in the making

procida limone in ceramica

Having a little coffee break!!

They lemons and leaves are drying slowly now - soon more pictures of the progress...