vrijdag 30 november 2012

Ivy leaves in porcelain.

Finally i have started listing the Ivy collection in the online shop.
Starting with three lovely necklaces.
The Ivy pendants are mde of high fire porcelain and the chain is a baby rolo sterling silver one.
In various lengths in Celadon green, white gloss & green.
Earrings era made to make it a beautiful set - these have to be listed.

Ivy collection - porcelain and sterling silver jewelrydesign.

porcelain and sterling silver ivy leave jewelry

Would you oike to see more pictures and get more information about the sizes please click here.
And as blog reader you will receive a discount of 10% ordering online.
For the $ currency please use this CODE: BLOGSPECIAL
For the € currency please use this CODE: 10%BLOGGERS
{These coupon codes are valed untill 31 december 2012 0:00}

vrijdag 2 november 2012

Studs made of porcelain and sterling silver!!

Yehhhhh finally i'm making them again....
When i started to make my porcelain jewelry i also made a lot of studs.
A populair sweet small earrings - but what ever i tried i had many problems with the adhesives.
and i tried a lot. Got really tired of glueing them again and that they fall of the porcelain.
Now after a few years my partner came with an helping hand and idea...

I woked it out and voila making porcelain studs again!!

porcelain jewelry - studs
And here are a few i started with - and i promise lots more studs are coming your way :)

This sweet blossom stud is available online 

vrijdag 26 oktober 2012

Noot & Zo - Social media!!

Cleaning up the wesite/online shop a bit...
Ans all social media's included like Facebook, Twitter, this Blog and Pinterest.
Hope to see you there!! :)

nootenzo social media

woensdag 24 oktober 2012

The colors of Autumn....

I have a love hate relationship with the season autumn...
Really love the beginning but do not like the end of it.

Here is why i love the beginning of this season... the colors are sooooo beautiful!!
herfst bladeren met warme kleuren

roze rode herfst bladeren zooooo mooi

kleuren van de natuur herfst warm neon

Porcelain jewelry - Newly listed in online shop!!

It ia all about autumn at the moment....
So i have made some lovely porcelain earrings to match the season.
Here are the newly listed earrings in colors like sepia, soft pink and dark olive drap green.

porcelain jewelry in sepia, soft pink and olive green

Click here to go to the page in the online shop.

dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

Teapots - yeh the first are finished!!

Always have been in love with teapots - and i don't make tham often...
But i started again and i'm loving it.
The first are finished and fresh from the kiln.

This one is made of my grey stoneware clay body and glazed with
a lovely bottle green glossy glaze...
Grey stoneware pottery with green glaze

Here is one made for the "Recycled Noot" collection.
Made of reclaimed clay and glazes....a sweety don't you say!! :)
Hand thrown teapots

Handthrown stoneware teapot in mint green and grey matt unglazed.
And here is one in a fresh combination of matt grey and mint.
The cups are made a bit triangle shaped at the rim to create a bit of a playful vibe....

These will be listed online also in a few weeks...
Would you like to know a bit more just send me a message...

zondag 14 oktober 2012

Brrrrrr it is cold!!

Ohhhhh it is getting colder by the day....
So i'm listing my handthrown XXL mugs in the online shop.
They will hold 400ml. {13,5 Fl. Oz.} of your favorite bevarage.

grey stoneware XXL mugs without ears

Would you like to see more of these big guys click here...

30s Magazine - a lovely blog!!

Ohhhhh i new it was coming - and it already was posted on the 25th of september!!
An amazing woman and a super and beautifull blog and i'm honured to be in there!!

30s Magazine

Thank you, Louise!! :)

zaterdag 13 oktober 2012

NEW - Porcelain earrings - Le Grand Petit

I have been making these sweet tiny porcelain and sterling silver earrings for a while...
But now i'm really serieus about them - they are a hit :)
You don't even notice them when you waer them....
Start to list them in the webshop here... more colors available soon.
porcelain earrings - Le Grand Petit - Bubbles 8mm with sterling silver earwires made by suus Notenboom

These cuties are already available in the brick shop at the Zwaanshals 299 in Rotterdam
And will be listed hopefully this month online..... 

porcelain earrings - Le Grand Petit - Swirls 12mm with sterling silver earwires made by suus Notenboom

And they look like this in your ears...

dinsdag 10 juli 2012

La Paris - A new design online!!

porcelain earrings la paris
Yes a new design of porcelain earrings listed in the online shop of Noot & Zo.
They have  kind of edwardian style to them.
For now in the colors eggplant dark purple, celadon green and antique cornflower.

Would you like to go to my online shop click here.

Working on some other color shemes like white red and classic cobalt.
Please stay tuned for more...

vrijdag 6 juli 2012

Poppy bright and sweet...

Just wanted to share this sweet picture i have made today.
In the back you see a big porcelain sink that my mom filled up with handsfull of
mysterie seeds.
And look what a suprise one sweet tiny poppy flower to cherish. :)

Dinner set in Rock style!!

Finally i have managed to get the first small dinner sets in the online shop.
Out of the "Rock collection"
All these items are made behind the potters wheel.

For now in three
different claybodies.

Bowl and plates.

Would you like to see more from the "Rock" Collection click here.

woensdag 4 juli 2012

More Wabi Sabi Porcelain cups online!!

Oh men working very hard on filling  the online shop with lovelyness!!

These cups are online now and would you like to see more about them just give a click here.

Thank you, Suus :)

maandag 2 juli 2012

NEW listings online...

Hi there,

I have been busy with putting on products online like this little cup.
It is slipcasted porcelain with lovely vintage flower design in two tones of grey.
Would you like to see more colors available please click here!! for dutch.
And here for english - also listed some new earrings:

Sweet little rose drops.

Click here to find them in the online shop.

maandag 25 juni 2012

NEW porcelain earrings - Zeeuwse knots - online!!

Fresh listings in our online shop today - Zeeuwse knot porcelain earrings in old chinese pink.
White matt and gloss on small 2cm. hoops.
Lots of more colors available - want to see them?

donderdag 31 mei 2012

Time flies!!

Time flies - i'm still here but busy as a bee......Hopefully more time to blog soon.
In the meanwhile enjoy the sun and lovely flowers!!

woensdag 16 mei 2012

1000 times - Ceramic Eye Candy - Pinterest

Yezzzzzzzzzzzzz - on my Ceramic in action board on Pinterest i have reached 1000.
Here only a few of my picks!!

Kyle Carpenter Bottle


Sole Heaven x New Balance – 577 aus Keramik

Sergei Isupov

Ursula Hargens

So hard tp pick only five - hope i made you want to see more.....

zondag 13 mei 2012

And more cups from the molds - Ceramic - Organic style!

And here are some more pictures - look like still lifes - doesn't they!
Here you see the first set of four items.

Perfectly imperfect set of four - slip casted porcelain

Bisced fired slip cast porcelain organic cups - two sizes...

Met mallen gemaakte porseleinen organische gevormde kopjes in twee maten.

Mold making - Ceramics - The first are out!!

after a messy aventure of mold making - have to do it again soon to compleet the tableware set.
But that aside - the first cups and bowls came out....
organic shaped cups made of slip cast porcelain

slip cast cups - perfectly imperfect...

It is an organic super thin translucent collection - up till now soon there will be two size cups and two
size bowl (a low and a higher version).

zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Recycled Noot - Ceramics - Oval plate

A while back i have shown some Recycled Noot oval plates here - they were not yet fired.
Here it is fired and some more from this collection.

detail of an reclaimed recycled oval stoneware plate

Recycled Noot - Oval plate

Recycled noot - Steengoed collectie serviesgoed

This collection has a lace texture - i love the little suprises in this reclaimed and recycled stoneware claybody...here is a bit more about the reclaiming and recycle cycle.
It has a natural and a bit rougher look than my other works.

donderdag 10 mei 2012

Fill em up babe!! - About a hundred times :)

Okee the molds are made for a sweet collection of organic shaped high fired porcelain translucent tableware.

Perfectly Imperfect!!
A plaster mold filled with porcelain casting slip.

And because i love to experiment - trying a few different porcelain casting slips.
Including one i made myself - to be continued....
The set includes a small cup, a little bigger one and a low and small high bowl.

woensdag 9 mei 2012

Me messy mold making.....

Ohhhh i don't this often but had an little order that involved mold making.
And what a mess i make when i make these....men...

This was part one - making the molds.
The first items will come from the kiln soon - to show.

making one part ceramic molds

Noot & Zo - Shop shot #1

shop shot - Noot & Zo
Just a snap shot of the shop!!

Procida Limone - Ceramics - Part #2

Right on scedule!!
We are a bit further than this - but time is so in my way at the moment......
They do really look like lemons - and BIG they are!!

big ceramic sicilian lemons in the making

procida limone in ceramica

Having a little coffee break!!

They lemons and leaves are drying slowly now - soon more pictures of the progress...