zaterdag 28 februari 2015


Ok here comes some sweetness...
Our new family member Vink a White & (Chocolate) brown :) border collie. 10 weeks young and a lively character...
In the first few days we went sitting in the sun and yes lots of crocus flowers because spring is around the corner.....a big smile on my face!!
 Sleeping beauty ;)
A sleeping border collie pup with tong out of mouth
 Socialising with other pups..... a bit shy but liking it a lot.
a brown white border colly pup in a grass field with flowers

And i think there will be more about "Vink" because she is very adventurous....

vrijdag 27 februari 2015

Swinging around....

Oke here we go again :) - changing plans, looks, etc.
Had a ceramic shop for 5 years but sinds the end of 2014 this stopped (my choice).
For an other direction in my life, after finding the love of my life in an other city...
This year is hopefully my year to get it a bit stable and also the year i turn the big "40"

A time ago "Swarte Noot" was born (a mix of our both sir names). But after i while it is still alive in the mind but not so in for now i will go on with my company name "Noot & Zo"
And i will be blogging here :)

So a small newsletter was send and some new colors of the "Stone & Color" espresso cups are listed online:

espresso cups without ears in grey stoneware and blue glazes
a collage of blue ceramic objects made by suus notenboom

Have a nice day :)