vrijdag 8 februari 2013

In need of Flowers!!

Lately i have been intrigued by vases....
Still working a lot with my recycled, reclaimed clay and glazes
i have made a collection of vases in different styles.
The latest have a retro twist....

Here are some of those handthrown stoneware vases:

handthrown stoneware vases by Suus Notenboom

Hopefully also soon available in my online shop!!

Thinking about chocolate!!

Thinking of chocolate!! - Wondering why?

Today i'm working on a costum order....
XXL mugs from the "Rock" collection.
4x yellow ones and 4x dark brown ones.
When i was throwing the dark brown ones i had only one thing on my mind :)


dark brown stoneware claybody mugs

chocolate brown

woensdag 6 februari 2013

Iron decal lilac porcelain jewelry - NEW!!

Ohhhh love the things you can explore with ceramics, all those technics, all those styles - Superrrrrrrrrr!!
In the USA and other big ceramic countries it is already been a hype and some ceramic artist use this technicon thre work and arts....
It is a easy, self controlled and cheap way to get prints on your ceramics.
For me the adventure is just starting and i'm loving it!!

Here are some examples of iron decals on my work:
lime green porcelain cup with iron decals

old timer iron decal on pink porcelain cup

Also on my porcelain jewelry...

iron oxide decals on jewelry

These are already listed in the online shop - click here

Stay tuned for more!! :)