woensdag 16 mei 2012

1000 times - Ceramic Eye Candy - Pinterest

Yezzzzzzzzzzzzz - on my Ceramic in action board on Pinterest i have reached 1000.
Here only a few of my picks!!

Kyle Carpenter Bottle


Sole Heaven x New Balance – 577 aus Keramik

Sergei Isupov

Ursula Hargens

So hard tp pick only five - hope i made you want to see more.....

zondag 13 mei 2012

And more cups from the molds - Ceramic - Organic style!

And here are some more pictures - look like still lifes - doesn't they!
Here you see the first set of four items.

Perfectly imperfect set of four - slip casted porcelain

Bisced fired slip cast porcelain organic cups - two sizes...

Met mallen gemaakte porseleinen organische gevormde kopjes in twee maten.

Mold making - Ceramics - The first are out!!

after a messy aventure of mold making - have to do it again soon to compleet the tableware set.
But that aside - the first cups and bowls came out....
organic shaped cups made of slip cast porcelain

slip cast cups - perfectly imperfect...

It is an organic super thin translucent collection - up till now soon there will be two size cups and two
size bowl (a low and a higher version).