woensdag 11 april 2012

Ceramic technics - Linoleum cutting - My first attempt :)

I have taken the ecourse of Diana Faith - Surfacing Spring 2012.
Was nice and my first ecourse.... going with the social media type of things :)

Unfortunatly time i did not really have - but bit by bit i'm trying out the technics that were in this course.
All farmiliar ones like Mishima, mono printing and linoleum cut use...
Love her work!!

Here is my first attempt with linoleum cuts....
I have used a artificial plastic kind of linoleum - that is more flexibel than the real thing.
You can use it in different ways but here i used to print on my ceramic {porcelain} slabs.

The cutting of little circles. Look out for your fingers!

Rubbing some underglazes on the linoleum

Here is my attempt on a bone dry porcelain cup!

And in mandarin orange with some carving.

Soon i will post some more pictures - i got smarter in the process ;)
With clearer details of my lino cuts!!
The first mugs will be bisc fired in a few days - looking forward to the end result.
Here some links in style of the post.


Happy claying :)