dinsdag 24 april 2012

Reclaiming and Recycling - Ceramics - Recycled Noot

I always have been a reclaiming clay kind of person...
About 3 years ago it took strange proportions and i was starting to get extreme with it!!

Now i have designed a ceramic pottery line that is all about reclaiming and recycling.
The most unexpected things occur when high fired - i love it.
Because i work with a lot of different stoneware (high fire materials) every batch is different
of color, specks, grog, light or darkness, etc.
Also all the sweep up's from my workspace go in there.
Here a collage of this cycle...

A bowl i was sponging broke and i put it in the reclaim/recycle bucket.
Upper picture are the two halfs in kind of dry stage.
The bottom pics are made two hours later - the magic of clay!!

P.s the recycle sign came from creative.spayce.com

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