dinsdag 17 april 2012

Restaurant Eendracht - Costum order!!

It already has been a while...
I made a costum order for Restaurant "Eendracht" - 20 Recycled Noot bowls.
Loved making the order and when you see the beautiful food they are holding - finger licking good!!
Today they put a picture on facebook and i thought YES WOW SUPER.
So here is a bit more about them - from the hump of clay to the finished bowl.

Work in progress - ceramic hand thrown bowls

And here with a lovely food arrangement:
Smoked goatquark, cucumber gazpacho, citrus/green peperoil, borage, baked cucumber and a cucumber chip.......so jummie.....

Costum made recycled stoneware bowls for Restaurant Eendracht
The bottom pictures are different shapes of the same kind of recycled bowl.
A new costum order came about - something to do with salt, pepper & oil....
To be continued :)

binnen bij restaurant eendracht
Website: Restaurant Eendracht

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