dinsdag 23 oktober 2012

Teapots - yeh the first are finished!!

Always have been in love with teapots - and i don't make tham often...
But i started again and i'm loving it.
The first are finished and fresh from the kiln.

This one is made of my grey stoneware clay body and glazed with
a lovely bottle green glossy glaze...
Grey stoneware pottery with green glaze

Here is one made for the "Recycled Noot" collection.
Made of reclaimed clay and glazes....a sweety don't you say!! :)
Hand thrown teapots

Handthrown stoneware teapot in mint green and grey matt unglazed.
And here is one in a fresh combination of matt grey and mint.
The cups are made a bit triangle shaped at the rim to create a bit of a playful vibe....

These will be listed online also in a few weeks...
Would you like to know a bit more just send me a message...

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